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The Challenge

After more than two years of running campaigns with Brubank, the leading digital bank in Argentina, and after gaining more than 1,500,000 clients, we set out to increase the quality of the users gained, sustaining the speed of acquisition.

+Digital 2021 award in the Business/Performance category.

DATE: FEB 2020


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What We Did

We worked with the leading partners in the market.

We designed an advanced signaling strategy within the app.

We became specialists in understanding how campaign algorithms work and how they learn. We understood when it is time to intervene and when it is time to wait for them to do their job.


% We increased by 27% the proportion of users who opened their bank account after downloading the app.
PTS We increased the proportion of clients who activate their account after registration by 17 points.
K In addition, the pace of acquisition did not stop. In 12 months, we gained more than 600,000 new clients. More than one Brubank client per minute!

+Digital 2021 award in the Business/Performance category.