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Bayer - Women's Day campaign "Pleasure is Power"

Hoy Elijo (Today I Choose) has the mission of informing in a world where data is lacking. And also of empowering in a world where there are plenty of negative views towards women.

DATE: JAN 2021


The idea

March is here and we decided to approach Women’s Day from the point of view of pleasure, a word shut out from everyday speech and even denied from everyday life for them. That is why we decided to go beyond: take it out to the streets. A mural, a bar, a round table with authoritative voices and thousands of engaged female users speaking without prejudice, sharing and fighting for what belongs to them, once again.

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The Hoy Elijo community stood out. Through interactions, stickers and QR codes with access to the landing page, thousands of women were encouraged to talk about something that used to be a taboo, but not anymore.

The response was so positive that the brand considered continuing to build on this value message in its Always ON content and repeat the concept the following year.