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Hoy Elijo

Bayer Argentina | Mirena-Kyleena

We created a game of cards because not all of them were on the table when deciding on your contraceptive method.



The idea

In a society full of taboos, misinformation and conflicting interests on topics related to contraception, we wanted to educate about the options, but without falling into discourses that pass by without fulfilling their objective. As the saying goes: “Get me involved and I will remember it.” That is why we created Las Cartas de la Anticoncepción (The Contraception Cards). A real game, with real cards, and an online version (on Instagram Stories) to learn and share. But mainly, to decide freely. Influencers and a segmented campaign helped us spread the word about it.


Actions with influencers


more followers in one week
completion rate in the online game
reach to new users
positive conversation

The most gratifying thing is that different schools contacted us to use the game as a tool.